Founder/ Photographer/ Director

Daniel is our god father. The man can make anything happen. Not only can he write and direct music videos, web series or films, like most people breathe air, his music videos, web series and films win hella awards. He's pushing 35 currently, including the prestigious Webby which he's been awarded for GQ Rules AS WELL AS his short film 'A House, A Home'. You need original music composed for your, well, anything? Done. How about some still photography on par with the work he's done for GQ Magazine, InStyle or KEEN shoes? He's also happy to share his wealth of knowledge and he cut his teaching teeth as an instructor at the famed NY Film Academy before he launched the Penguins. He's your dude and he'll do it all from the back of a stallion. Ok, he can only compose music from the back of a Palomino, but everyone has to have at least one flaw, right?

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